NSF Workshop on
Future Wireless

Communication Networks

Waterview Conference Center and Hotel Palomar
Arlington, VA
   November 2-3, 2009

To help chart a broad vision for the future of wireless networking research, a two-day NSF supported workshop  will be held on November 2-3, 2009 at the Waterview conference center in Arlington Virginia.
The workshop attendees represent a broad spectrum of the community including theorists, practitioners, researchers from both core and application areas. At the workshop, attendees will discuss and debate the critical challenges in wireless networking, and articulate a vision for conducting fundamental and inter-disciplinary research in the area. The workshop will help influence future research and development in wireless systems. It will fuel inter-disciplinary collaborations between members of varied communities (e.g., application communities, security, information theory, etc.). It will also educate the general public on the importance of wireless research, the challenges, and the enormous potential. A tangible outcome of the workshop will be a report that will (i) identify major issues affecting future wireless research; (ii) expose the research community to new and exciting inter-disciplinary problems; and (iii) stimulate far reaching future research initiatives, and collaborations that would help along the evolution of the wireless research community.

The workshop will consist of five focus areas with approximately 10 researchers per area. The focus areas will participate in organizing discussions, presenting their ideas, and providing text for a report to NSF. The workshop will also include a high-level panel whose goal will be to provide reflections on the discussions and perspectives on moving forward. The focus areas are:

•Wireless Networking Security
•Network Control and Algorithms
•Architectures and Emerging Technologies
•Cognitive Radio Networks and Dynamic Spectrum Access
•Experimental Research in 2020


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